Have You Received Your Class Set Yet?

Hello dear teachers,
I still have class sets available. Purchase the yellow cover copy of "Spread Your Wings and Fly". Then all you need to do is contact me and share how you shared it on social media.
Let me know how many are in your class.  All you need to pay is shipping and handling.  We'll discuss the particulars when you contact me. You will then receive copies of the award winning (Writers Digest) first edition purple copies.

Teachers have used this book in their art centers and made available in their classroom libraries.

Another teacher shared that she uses it for #growthmindset and to teach figurative language.

Although this is a picture book, it is for ALL AGES: children and adults.

Whether or not you choose to fold the flapping bird model, you will be inspired by the fold and tell story.

Before I even thought this would be a book, I did a storytelling/fold and tell presentation of "Spread Your Wings and Fly" to a group of senior citizens.  After my presentation, a woman came up to me and said, " What you did with the paper was nice, but I REALLY LIKED that story".  That is when I knew that this would be a story that could fly on it's own.

                                                                             Creatively yours,

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