Student engagement is a hot topic now and ever important.  Not only is this automatic with origami because of the nature of origami, but it is also paper engineering...a facet of STEM! Math, science, vocabulary, art are also present automatically.
I have made some periscopes (@schoolsaunders ) you can get to with Twitter.
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I have a few little (rough cut) origami lessons.  You will find a few variations using this model.  It can also be a CONTAINER and PICTURE FRAME and/or MESSAGE HOLDER. I am learning to do periscope and have been encouraged by Jen Jones of Hello Literacy to "come as I am...natural and authentic" and be #redbarbrave.  You will definitely see the unpolished, but CONTENT rich version.

I am showing you this particular model because it is ALREADY in the school culture and has been for many, many, many (you get the gist) years.  I was taught by another student when I was in 3rd grade (long, long ago and far, far away).  So heads up 3rd grade teachers.  These seem to appear out of nowhere in the Spring so get ready.  How many have you already "relocated" in previous years of teaching?  I would really like to know as this is an ongoing research topic for me.  This is a great opportunity handed to you (literally) by your students.  It is engaging, student-centered and student-generated.
Have your students come up with suggestions about turning them into a lesson.

Here is a suggestion that I share in my periscope link above:

Turn the fortune teller upside down and you have a container.
Ask students,"What can this hold?" (paperclips, erasers, candy etc)  This is actually an ancient and traditional origami model called the "salt cellar".  It has been used to hold salt.  Oh here is an opportunity for some research with a potential "Genius Hour" project.  

Pop over to my "scope" to see how to transform this same model into a picture frame and/or message holder.  

Please keep in touch and share your experience this. As I said this opportunity is literally handed to you by your students.  

P.S.  Thank you for your compassion in regard to my "rough cuts" with periscope and my blogs.  I am still learning.

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