I am happy to be working once again with my local PBS station KNME and the lovely Hollie Lovely this year. We will be presenting Young Writers and Illustrators workshops sponsored by Reading Rainbow for their annual contest. I feel honored to work with such a great station. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and encourage children, which is my bliss.

I watch many programs on PBS including the children's programming. It just keeps getting better and better. For more info about the contest, search PBS locally and Albuquerque's KNME.

Happy writing and illustrating on your own for your personal pleasure.

The Benefits of Origami as Handwork

Working with your hands - whether you sew, paint or play a musical instrument - may be the ultimate way to beat stress and tension. Handwork puts you into a more relaxed state where you are free to be more creative. Its almost a form of hypnosis. You'll reap maximum benefits if you spend 30 minutes to an hour each day on the activity.

Steven Lamm, MD


"In all cases it is great help to have as many resources at hand as possible, as the hands lead the way to learning and logic. The hands absorb and transmit indescribable messages and information to the brain in the most thorough way available to us. Yet we often limit the hands of the school child to the stultifying dimensions of a pencil, a ruler and the pages of a book."

Making Things, The Handbook of Creative Discovery

Ann Wiseman


The hands lead the way to learning. Aristotle
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