I had a wonderful time visiting the Four Corners Area in June. I did storytelling and fold-and-telling in four libraries in New Mexico including Aztec, Farmington, Shiprock and Bloomfield.
I was welcomed warmly at each site and was even had a colorful banner and variety of origami models at the Shiprock library. Visit the websites of the library and see how they celebrate a Summer of Creativity and Literacy.

The upside down cup is a great party hat. (Instruction sheet in a previous post). A double page of a newpaper is just the right size for a grownup's head. Of course yoou could make it child size by cutting the paper to size. Since newspaper is practically free...one can experiment and make hats for the whole family...including the pets.

I have suggested to my students that they can have their birthday party (or any kind of party) guests make their own hats, make cups and eat snacks from the cups. Party favors can also be taken home in handmade pouches. Gee, I wonder how many hats, pouches, cups etc can be made from the Sunday paper including the colorful ads. Just think of all that free origami paper.

This is another great year of after school workshops, literacy nights, and young writers workshops. There is an upcoming class at NMAEYC Conference, as well as a teacher inservice for Rio Rancho Art Teachers. I really appreciate so many opportunities to share origami and encourage children.
Literacy Night tonight at a school in Rio Rancho and off to Farmington, NM for a young writer's workshop for KNME.
I hope your year if full of unfolding and folding fun!
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