Happy New Year A Blissful 2008 To One and All

And now let us welcome the NEW YEAR

Full of things that have never been!!!!

I have been "blissing" a new expression a friend used recently when I expressed I may be enjoying the after Christmas sales a bit much. So my New Years intention (I stopped doing resolutions) is to Bliss every day! I was reading an artists blog and she said her resolution is to declutter every inch of her home. I will take that to heart. I just discovered the perfect thrift shop for me and it is less than a mile away from my home. It's the local Animal Humane Association of New Mexico. This will indeed assist me in decluttering every inch of my home this year. I'll donate to a place close to my heart literally!

Blissings and blessings to you and yours each moment!



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upwiththesun said...

What a great hand wreath! Did you make it?? I've been doing a bit of sale blissing myself. I don't usually do that, but this year I've felt the need for some jeans without holes and warm boots for our NY trip. In between bites of candy corn and perusing the pages of my wonderful new books and magazine I've been doing some shopping, beginning to make packing lists and gathering. I have a major clear out on my Revolutions list this year as well. After January! Have a wonderful blissful new year holiday! d

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